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SureCritic, Inc. Conducts Annual Automotive Review Influence Study (ARIS) for Business Insight into Automotive Consumer Decisions


SureCritic, Inc., an industry leader in customer feedback solutions, released their annual consumer study today focused on automotive repair shop customers. The Automotive Review Influence Study (ARIS) provides insights into consumers’ behavior when searching for a repair facility, and how they use online ratings and reviews in their decision-making process.

ARIS was conducted in July 2022 to explore trends in online review utilization for automotive repair shop customers over the past twelve months. ARIS surveyed 2027 vehicle owners regarding their habits surrounding automotive repair facilities. The survey results give automotive repair facility owners more insight into their potential customers’ behaviors and expectations to maintain a healthy online reputation. View the report on

“When choosing an automotive repair shop, potential customers trust a repair shop’s online reputation to give them an accurate snapshot of the business.” noted Tim Fiorito, COO at SureCritic . “9 out of 10 of vehicle owners say online reviews play a role when choosing an automotive repair shop. 80% won’t consider a shop that has less than a 4-star rating, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy and accurate online reputation in the automotive space.”

SureCritic analyzed current trends to remain confident in the importance of online reviews.

  • 91% of vehicle owners say online reviews play a role in choosing an automotive repair shop.
  • 80% of vehicle owners would not consider a shop with less than four stars, up 8% from last year.
  • 26% of vehicle-owners report they’ve never been asked to post a review
  • 92% of vehicle owners report they’re likely to return to a business if the issue that prompted the low-star review is resolved

“Customer standards trend higher year over year. In order to attract new customers, repair shops must maintain a healthy online reputation by demonstrating excellent customer service, and consistently generating new reviews above 4 stars. If you wait to bolster your reputation, it will be too late.” said David Brondstetter, CEO at SureCritic. “The Automotive Review Influence Study gives repair shops insight into what customers expect from a trustworthy online reputation.”

View the 2022 Automotive Review Influence Study in Resources on

About SureCritic, Inc.

SureCritic, a leading provider of consumer insight, brings you expanded capabilities with deeper diagnostic and ongoing customer-tracking abilities that will allow you to measure, monitor, and improve customer experience more universally across your brand. The result is the most accurate and transparent online and offline depiction of a customer’s experience with a business. In addition to a transparent and precise review process, SureCritic provides actionable data through its Enterprise Survey Platform, tools to push reviews throughout social media, and the opportunity to measure retailer concern resolution effectiveness through a patented process called ReScore™. For more information on SureCritic, please visit

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