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Partner Programs

Increase your ASP and grow your ARR by providing reputation management solutions that drive customer acquisition and retention.

Lead with Reviews

Partner Overview

As a SureCritic partner, you can offer your customers unique features helping to improve their online reputation and customer engagement. SureCritic includes innovative features like ReScore®, Net Promotor Score®, Social Campaigns, and Automated Review Responses that are designed to enhance their online reputation and increase consumer engagement.

Whether it’s building content on your own platform, your client’s Google Business Profile, or on other social sites, we’re here to help.

By partnering with SureCritic and promoting these unique features, you can help your clients improve their online reputation, increase customer engagement, and boost overall business performance.  SureCritic’s unique features differentiate it from other reputation management solutions and provide added value to clients, resulting in increased total deal size and annual recurring revenue (ARR) for your business.

Referral Partner
  • Support by SureCritic
  • Pricing by SureCritic
  • Client billed by SureCritic
  • SureCritic has the direct relationship
  • No cost to start
  • Revenue Share paid monthly
Value Added Reseller (VAR)
  • Support by VAR
  • Billing by VAR
  • Pricing by VAR
  • VAR owns client relationship
  • Licensing fee billed monthly on 1st of the month
  • Support by SureCritic
  • SureCritic sets price
  • Client billed by SureCritic
  • Sales training and materials provided to ISC
  • No initiation fee
  • Revenue share paid monthly
Technology Partner
  • APIs for integrating with point of sale systems/billing/invoicing
  • Integrations with CRMs
  • Reviews APIs for merchandising/marketing displays
  • Third party reviews APIs available from sources like Google/Facebook/Yelp
  • RESTful based with more than 30 endpoints available