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Connect quickly with customers


Increase customer satisfaction by identifying and resolving customer concerns faster. SureCritic’s Messaging is a non-confrontational avenue of communication for customers. Install a website widget to capture leads and utilize in-store signs to easily speak with management via text message. 


No app to download or logins to create. Customers text the provided phone number, eliminating the major hurdle preventing point-of-sale concern resolution!

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Natural language processing identifies compliments from complaints upon message alert and assign the submission to the appropriate person/s.

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Provides a fast, non-confrontational way to understand customer concerns and solve them quickly, preventing dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.

Key features

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Messaging via SMS

Using a SureCritic provided unique phone number, there is no app to download or new ux to learn, customers text from their cell phone.

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Chat widget for support and lead inquiries on your business website

Seamlessly install a widget to capture interest, lead with customer service, and lower website bounce rates.

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Build strong customer relationships

Utilize complementary signage to inform customers and concerns immediately in-person or over the phone while they are still in the store.

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AI auto-separates and flags message content and assigns users

Natural language processing will identify compliments from complaints upon message alert, alerting relevant parties.

Key Benefits

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Non-confrontational communication option

Connect with customers in their preferred method, texting!

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Preempt public shaming

Reduce reactive negative reviews by resolving problems while the customer is still in-store.

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Heightened staff attentiveness to customers

Increase staff sensitivity to customer needs and enhance opportunities to resolve concerns.

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No third-party app needed

Facilitated via SMS, each store is provisioned phone number that is unique to each location.

Manage reviews and reputation on-the-go

SureCritic for
Business App

The SureCritic for Business app provides business owners the ability to access SureCritic tools from anywhere. Manage your online presence, respond to reviews and track your data right from the palm of your hand.