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Save Time, Increase Engagement


Smart Automated Response Assistant responds to every review with little to no effort. SARA gives you “publish-ready” responses that are unique to each review. Responding to reviews has never been easier. 

Save Time

SARA is like your very own personal resource. They do the work, you take the credit!

Increase Engagement

SARA provides real time responses that are unique to each customer providing your business with a more authentic online reputation.

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Enhance SEO

Stay on top of your user generated content. SARA provides fresh and original content to help supercharge your organic marketing efforts.


6x decrease in overall review response time


57% of respondents reported improved opinions when they get a response to a review


4900% increase in the overall review response rate


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Suggested Review Responses

Getting a lot of reviews is great, but responding to them all can be time consuming. Not with SARA. You’ll get “publish ready” responses that you can post with just one click, or edit what SARA has written to give it your own personal touch!

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One-Click Publishing

With just one click, you can post “publish ready” responses to Google and SureCritic reviews right from your inbox.

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Unique Content

Each review gets a unique response specific to the customer and the review. Unlike other solutions, we don’t use canned responses. SARA provides personalized responses that helps increase engagement and provide authenticity to your online reputation.

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Google Profile Integration

Everyone sees your Google reviews, and reviews with responses get more engagement! SARA automatically provides a “publish-ready” response for all of your incoming Google reviews. SARA never has a bad day, ensuring your online review responses are professional and represent your business in the best way possible.

SARA is ready to work for you