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Get hundreds of reviews on the platforms that matter


ReviewReach™ is designed to help you increase the number of reviews for your business on Google, Facebook, and other key review sites. Manage all of your reviews in one place so you can spend more time on what’s important to your business.




ReviewReach™ generates 100s of verified reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and more.


Manage all of your reviews in one place so you can spend more time on what’s important to your business.


Automatically send review requests in a timely manner after a customer has left your store, prompting higher open and completion rates.

Key Features

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Automatically Request Reviews

Integration with point-of-sale system automatically sends a request upon order completion, sharing public reviews to SureCritic, Facebook, and Google.

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Real-time Notifications

Review site monitoring and real-time notifications to never miss a posted review.

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Capture all your online reviews in one place

Eliminate the need for multiple log ins to each review site and view all your information in one dashboard.

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Customer verification of reviews

Automatically flag unverified or fraudulent or spam reviews.

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Website Integration

Integrate your recent reviews onto your business website with the complementary widget.

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Mobile App

Track conversions to each review site, and monitor and respond to reviews, from any mobile device.

Key benefits

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Increased number of reviews

Automatically requesting reviews promptly after a customer leaves results in an increase in high scoring reviews.

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Gain control of your online reputation

Elimate the yo-yo inconsistent reviews bring to your online rating. A high amount of positive reviews instills automatic trust and a single negative review will no longer impact your online reputation.

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Reduce negative impact to the brand through early issue identification

Real-time notifications allow you to never miss a review. 70% of consumers agree that seeing businesses respond to negative reviews is important to them.


SureCritic for
Business App

The SureCritic for Business app provides business owners the ability to access SureCritic tools from anywhere. Manage your online presence, respond to reviews and track your data right from the palm of your hand.