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Products to build a better business

SureCritic’s products and patented technology help you gain insight, increase sales, improve retention, and make better business decisions. Unlike traditional consumer insight programs, we’ve built-in transparency in both the process and the results, combined with industry-leading concern resolution tools that are proven to increase customer satisfaction.

Ratings and Reviews

Recent and relevant feedback helps your business gain credibility and customer loyalty, allows more people to find your business and convert those prospects into customers. Easily gather and share star ratings and reviews from your verified customers with Ratings and Reviews.

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  • Automated review generation via email, SMS, or QR codes
  • Premium Business Listing to feature business info and reviews
  • Review Profiles for employees
  • ReScore low-rated reviews
  • Industry benchmarking with Net Promoter Score
  • Feature reviews on personal website
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  • Clear Social Proof from user-generated content
  • Get found online faster with SEO
  • Turn loyal customers into brand advocates
  • Attract new customers with positive reviews
  • Improve star rating in the Knowledge Panel
  • Hear directly from your customers
  • Gain control of your online reputation


Increase customer satisfaction by identifying and resolving customer concerns faster. SureCritic’s Messaging is a non-confrontational avenue of communication for customers. Install a website widget to capture leads and utilize in-store signs to easily notify management of any issues via text message.

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  • Point of sale messaging via SMS
  • Chat Widget for support and lead inquiries on your business website
  • Signage + table tents around the store
  • AI separates compliments from complaints
  • Multi-department access so all relevant parties are alerted
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  • Non-confrontational communication option
  • Preempt Public Shaming
  • Real-time concern resolution prevents negative reviews
  • Heightened staff attentiveness to customers
  • No third-party app needed


ReviewReachTM is designed to help you increase the number of reviews for your business on Google, Facebook, and other key review sites. Manage all of your reviews in one place so you can spend more time on what’s important to your business.

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  • Generate hundred of Reviews
  • Real-time review site monitoring so you never miss a review
  • Capture all your online reviews in one place
  • Customer Verification and flagging of spam reviews
  • Integration with Review Site widget
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  • Increased number of Reviews
  • Improve Online Reputation
  • Reduce negative impact to the brand through early issue identification
  • Track performance from a centralized location.


SureCritic’s easy-to-configure, survey platform lets you choose from a diverse selection of topics and question types for ease of implementation, and supports custom logos, fonts, colors, and images to standardize the customer experience.

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  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Statistics to answer all of your questions with easy-to-understand tiles.
  • SocialCSI converts Surveys into Public Reviews
  • Key Performance Indicator Benchmarking
  • Sentiment highlighting ann drill-down reporting of AI-generated themes
  • Analytics and Enterprise Reporting
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  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Problem identification for process improvement
  • Track Program compliance
  • Supports Data-driven decision making

Product Reviews

Reviews are a key component of the consumer buying experience. IncludeSureCritic verified product reviews to increase website traffic, provide a better sales experience, and give greater product insight.

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  • API based data sharing reviews for your website
  • Integration with Brand Assets
  • Integration with existing communication
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  • Increased Social Proof
  • Review collection without additional inbox or message notifications
  • Improve SEO and social engagement with timely, relevant, user-generated content

What users are
saying about SureCritic

Brandon Desenberg, General Sales Manager at Lee Johnson Hyundai of Everett
January 01, 2022

“The SureCritic platform is easy to utilize, giving us an abundance of tools to ensure the customer experience is fantastic.”

Ian Woods, Towne Lincoln
January 01, 2022

“SureCritic's software makes it easy for us to manage the review process, as well as spread our reviews on important sites. The team at SureCritic is easy to work with and their pricing is spot on. Best platform on the market!”

Victor DeLuca, Manager, Approved Auto Repair Network, AAA Northeast
January 01, 2022

“SureCritic's employee profile pages improve the entire AAA Approved Auto Repair facility service experience. AAA members can feel more confident with the shop staff before the service and when choosing a shop to service their vehicle, and the AAR facility can empower their staff to ensure a positive customer experience. It's a win/win all around.”

SureCritic for
Business App

The SureCritic for Business app provides business owners the ability to access SureCritic tools from anywhere. Manage your online presence, respond to reviews and track your data right from the palm of your hand.