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ReScore® Spotlight: Pacific Collision’s Commitment to Excellence

We’re back with another installment of our ReScore® Review Spotlight, where we highlight extraordinary stories of customer service triumphs within our network.

This week, we’re turning the spotlight on Pacific Collision, a family-owned and operated company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over a decade of experience, they are committed to providing their customers with state-of-the-art repair procedures, top-quality service, and an unbeatable customer service experience.

Recently, they had an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to “Total Quality, Total Care.” A customer, Alex, left a 3-star review stating, “Communication wasn’t very good. Wasted a lot of my time.”

Pacific Collision responded promptly and professionally, expressing their dedication to customer satisfaction:

“Thank you Alex for taking the time to review our business, rest assure that we are doing everything we can to accommodate your needs and make sure you are completely satisfied with the repairs to your Subaru. We strive to provide every customer with excellence customer service and workmanship.”

True to their words, Pacific Collision took the necessary steps to rectify the situation. A short while later, Alex updated his review to a 5-star rating, expressing his satisfaction with the service:

“My Subaru Ascent Touring: The first time they did, my bumper was not very good. They wanted to make everything right. so they did it again. Taya was a big help, and they got the job done. It looks great, thanks again.”

Pacific Collision has shown us how customer feedback, when received with grace and a commitment to improve, can be a powerful force for bettering our services and enhancing customer satisfaction. Their swift response and dedication to making things right resulted in not only a fixed bumper but also a strengthened relationship with a customer.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories in our ReScore Review Spotlight, reminding us all that every piece of feedback is an opportunity for growth.

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