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New Zapier Integration: Streamlining Customer Feedback with Automated Surveys and Reviews

We are thrilled to announce that SureCritic, your trusted partner in customer experience and reputation management solutions, has launched a powerful new integration with Zapier. This new integration allows you to automatically trigger surveys and review requests to generate Google Reviews from any of the 3000+ apps connected through Zapier, including popular platforms such as Stripe, Jobber, Square, Quickbooks Online, and Housecall Pro.

Automated Review and Survey Triggers

Automation and AI are critical components of modern customer relationship management. This is why we have worked hard to develop a seamless integration that automates sending review requests and surveys to your customers. Our integration with Zapier enables businesses to customize their feedback collection strategy, reduce manual efforts, and improve overall response rates.

In addition to providing automated triggers, this integration also includes pre-built templates tailored for platforms such as Stripe, Jobber, Square, Quickbooks Online, Limo Anywhere and Housecall Pro. These templates offer businesses a ready-made framework to kickstart their customer feedback strategy, making the entire review and survey process effortless.

Incorporating SureCritic’s Unique ReScore Feature

At the heart of SureCritic’s reputation management solutions is ReScore®, a unique tool allowing businesses to follow up with customers after they have provided initial feedback. Our Zapier integration now brings this ReScore feature into the mix of automated workflows, making it easier than ever to engage customers and continually improve your online reputation. 

Creating ‘Zaps’ for Enhanced Feedback Collection

With this integration, you can create ‘Zaps’, or automated workflows, that trigger survey or review requests whenever specific actions take place within any app connected to your Zapier account. Imagine being able to send a ReScore request to a customer automatically after addressing their initial feedback. This provides an additional touchpoint for improving customer satisfaction and gives you more control over your online reputation management.

1.8+ Million Businesses use Zapier

Our partnership with Zapier, known for its expansive app ecosystem, marks a significant advancement in SureCritic’s offerings. It underlines our commitment to providing you with innovative solutions that help enhance your customer experience and streamline your reputation management efforts.

We are excited about the potential of our Zapier integration and the benefits it can bring to your business. To learn more about how to utilize this new feature, including the ReScore feature and our range of templates, request a demo today.

Remember, the journey to improved customer experience and reputation management starts with understanding and responding to customer feedback. And with SureCritic’s Zapier integration, collecting and acting upon this feedback is easier than ever before. Happy ‘Zapping’!

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