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Product Updates

AI + Automation: SureCritic’s SARA AI Gets Even Smarter

In an age where customer engagement is critical for retention, our clients want tools and resources to assist, optimize and remain authentic at every interaction. SureCritic has always been at the forefront of this, and we’re excited to introduce further enhancements to our generative AI integration, SARA (aka Smart Automated Response Assistant).

As customer expectations and interactions evolve, so does the need for innovation, and we at SureCritic remain committed to delivering the best tools for the task. Today, we’re unveiling SARA AI’s newest automation capabilities, which has saved some of our business hours each month. It means more time to spend on more meaningful tasks like writing ROs, training staff, and selling more.

Automated Review Responses: You no longer need to sift through and manually respond to every customer review. With SARA AI’s latest feature, suggested review responses can be automatically published. Even better, users have the freedom to schedule specific times for these responses, ensuring punctual feedback and building trust with your customers.

Streamlined Social Media Engagement: Maintaining consistent engagement can be demanding. SARA AI has risen to the challenge by introducing an automated feature to publish posts. This means your business can have a consistent online presence, connecting with your audience without the manual hassle.

The Benefits:

  1. Time Efficiency: The new features free up precious hours, allowing businesses to focus on what matters most while ensuring their online interactions remain timely and relevant.
  2. Enhanced Customer Interaction: Automated responses and posts guarantee consistent engagement, ensuring no piece of feedback is left behind.
  3. Flexibility and Control: While automation is the buzzword, we understand the importance of having a human touch. SARA AI offers the best of both worlds: automation for efficiency and customizable settings for a personal approach. You can still use and edit our suggested responses and posts.

SureCritic’s SARA AI’s latest advancements are not just about simplifying tasks; they’re about amplifying customer connections and ensuring businesses can navigate the digital realm with confidence and ease. As we continue our journey in refining and expanding SARA AI, our mission remains clear: to provide tools that enhance both business operations and the overall customer experience.

To learn more about how to set this up on your account, we’ve recorded a brief video to walk you through it.

Follow us here and on social media for more updates. If you want to see a demo of it in action let us know. Stick with us and you will become an expert in AI.

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