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ReScore® Spotlight: The Car Doctors’ Dedication to Their Craft and Customers

In the world of customer reviews, a single experience can often define a business in the eyes of the public. But what happens when a business addresses that feedback, rectifies concerns, and turns a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one? Enter the ReScore® Spotlight—a series that highlights the transformative power of active listening and proactive response from businesses within the SureCritic network.

This week, we turn our spotlight to The Car Doctors, in Concord, NH. Built on the pillars of trust, convenience, experience, and quality, this family-owned business has a guiding principle: “Treat every customer as family, and ensure their needs are met with expertise and genuine care.”

Ethan, a verified customer, recently shared an experience that paints a vivid picture of The Car Doctors’ commitment to this mission. Initially, he voiced some concerns over the quality of a rust repair job on his vehicle, the surprise of extra costs, and a sandblasting oversight that left sand inside his car. It was a detailed, fair 3-star review that highlighted both the positives and areas of improvement in his encounter with The Car Doctors.

The Car Doctors, true to their pledge, didn’t just read the feedback – they acted on it. Their response was both professional and understanding, addressing the nuances of Ethan’s concerns. They pointed out the steps taken to correct the situation, from collaborating with their sandblasting partner to detailing the reasoning behind the paint costs, always ensuring transparency.

“Hi Ethan, thank you for the feedback. The sandblasting company was happy to detail your vehicle and I was glad Joe figured out what was going on with the speaker. Regarding the paint, three-stage paint with shimmer is the most expensive paint to get, and to lessen the impact on your wallet, we sold it to you at our cost. We were happy to be able to make this right for you and have you leaving here with a pleasant experience. Thank you for giving us a second chance!!”

Ethan’s updated review tells the rest of the story. In his 5-star ReScore, he wrote,

“The Car Doctors is a great friendly place to get work done on your vehicle… They care about the quality of their work, and I find that to be the most important thing at any automotive shop. Overall, The Car Doctors is the best place to go for a great customer experience, genuine people that care about you and your vehicle, and quality work that they put their name behind.”

The journey from Ethan’s initial feedback to his glowing reassessment encapsulates The Car Doctors’ ethos. They don’t just mend cars; they mend relationships, ensuring every customer drives away not just satisfied with their vehicle, but with the service they received.

As we shine our ReScore Spotlight on The Car Doctors this week, we’re reminded of the transformative power of attentive customer service and genuine care in business. A lesson for us all.

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