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Why Verified Reviews are More Important Than Ever

Lately, there has been concerns brought up in the media about fake and non-verified reviews on. Everyone at SureCritic holds these concerns in high regard. It is a major issue in the customer experience world because:

  1. You don’t know if this person actually bought the product or went to the business. 
  2. There’s a chance that the review is fake and has been created by someone who has a nefarious agenda.

The problem with fake reviews is that they don’t accurately reflect a business or a product and can be misleading. They don’t portray the customer experience correctly. 86% of customers read reviews, while 78% of customers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Customers judge companies based on the reviews they read and they won’t know if the feedback has been portrayed incorrectly. That is exactly why you should care if some of your reviews are fake. Fake reviews can be tricky to handle and spot. Companies like Amazon and Yelp try to filter out fake reviews as best they can, but there will always be some that make it past the filters. It’s in the best interest for businesses and consumers to seek out verified reviews, since those are becoming the only ones that can be trusted.

Verified reviews are the most trustworthy reviews out there. Readers know that they are coming from an actual customer and not from someone who is either trolling the business or paid to write a review. Verified reviews also provide a more accurate view of the company or product and the customer experience. This way your customers know what they can expect when visiting your website or shop. Customers are looking to choose the best experience possible and want to know that the business they choose will follow through.

Schedule your demo to see how SureCritic can help you regain control of your online reputation.

SureCritic’s mantra is verified reviews. We are the only review platform with Review Assurance™ so when the other guys try to change the review rules, you know your business is protected. All of our verified reviews have come from actual customers, right after they purchased a product or service. On SureCritic, the reviews are labeled as verified to make it easy to differentiate! We do the hard work for you, so you can relax and trust the reviews you’re receiving and reading are 100% authentic.

To learn more about SureCritic’s verified reviews and how you can benefit from them, contact us today!

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