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3 Easy Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back Every Time

Customer retention is not an easy thing to figure out. You have to constantly modify strategies as society progresses. There is always going to be competition. There will always be someone trying to take your business. As a business owner, you must ensure you’re at the top of your game as well as your employees. Find three simple ways to help you keep those loyal customers coming back.

Uncover patterns and techniques that work

You know your business best. You ultimately know what will work best for your customers and services. All of the data you have regarding your customers can support you and these decisions. Data can be very valuable and useful when evaluating your opportunities. The data can provide answers to questions you may have. Is there a certain threshold of money spent for a customer to return? If a customer is only spending $5, chances are they aren’t returning time and time again. Knowing this can help you spend extra time with a customer if you know there’s a chance they will return.

Engage and respond with customers

Customers want to feel special. Everyone does! Show interest in their efforts (such as a review) and engage with them past the norms. Respond to every review that comes through. If you need guidance on the best way to do this see the articles below.

The 8 Rules for Replying to Negative Reviews

How to Respond to Neutral Reviews

6 Guidelines for Replying to Positive Reviews

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How to Handle Fake Reviews

Social media is also a fantastic way to connect with your customers. Social media and other channels offer a great opportunity for you to engage with customers outside of the office and personalize your communications. Send them a tailored thank you note or comment on how good their food picture looks!

“One of the easiest things that you can do to improve your customer retention tactics is adopting a policy in your company that no customer engagement is ignored, and a response is sent in as short a time frame as your resources allow.” – Yotpo

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Find areas of improvement

When a customer enters your business, every person they come in contact with should be at the top of their game. Especially for first time customers, their experience and first impression should be positive. That being said, there are always ways to improve. From your website to their review, make a map of each touch point and look at ways to improve. Is your website easy to navigate? Navigation seems to go overlooked far too often. Creators can be too close to their handiwork. Find a 3rd party who does not know your business. Give them a task on their website and see how easy or difficult it is for them. You’d be surprised!

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