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Why You Should Respond to Reviews

By now, we have engraved it into your brain that you should respond to all reviews. You must respond to the happy customers, the unhappy customers, and the I-know-I’m-in-the-wrong-but-I’m-going-to-complain-anyway customers. The question is, do you know why you should respond to the reviews? The happy customers –sure, easy to respond to, “Thank you for the 5 stars, you’re the bomb-diggity, see you soon.” The mostly happy customers can be easy to reply to as well, “Sorry for that minor inconvenience, we will do better next time.” However, those very angry, on the edge of combustion customers, it is simplest to just ignore them, right? Ehh yes, but not the best idea.

Here’s actually why it matters to respond to the upset reviewers.

If a business resolves its issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers returns back to your business.

Let me repeat that so it’s clear: 95% return. Need a different font? 95% return. Different color? 95% return. That is undeniably significant! Guess what the percentage of customers who don’t get a response is? -8%.

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Businesses get upset customers, that’s no secret. The mystery is, “What happens next”? How they are handled is the true measuring stick of a business that cares. There is no time to waste! The longer you wait, especially with negative reviews, the worse a situation could get. Replying to a review sooner rather than later also shows your business’s dedication to the customer’s feedback. A company that responds to the reviews infrequently will present a notion of inconsideration toward the customer experience. The lack of response and consideration can start to fester leading the customer to taking their negative experience to larger audiences like Facebook or Twitter. Another reason to be on top of the reviews and resolve a situation from the start!

Responding to reviews is arguably one of the most important responsibilities when you have online reviews. It creates a personal relationship with your customers as well as show any potential customers you care and are receptive. Since your name and profile picture are attached to the response, that customer feels a greater connection and can ask for you personally at their next visit!

Negative reviews can also be a useful tool. Upwards of 80% of readers look at the negative reviews according to the research. The study done by Northwestern University reports, “Negative reviews have a positive impact because they help establish trust and authenticity.” If there are too many 5-star reviews, customers start question the honesty behind the reviews.

The special advantage you have using SureCritic is ReScore. With ReScore, customers and potential customers reading SureCritic reviews get to see the whole story, from the initial review to a final resolution. Your sincerity and dedication to the customer is displayed in the public eye to let the world know you care. Take charge and reel those customers back in because your brand is no longer what you tell consumers it is; it’s what consumers tell each other it is.

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