Why You Need to Claim Your Business

The internet is where data never dies. Like it or not, your company information can be publicized. When that information is in the public domain, future customers will look at it to determine what kind of business you run and what others say about it.

Claiming your business page on review sites is a must. Business owners need to take control of what is being displayed about their company. It does not look good when your automatic business review page goes unclaimed. Worst of all, owners are missing out on many benefits that can help a business and its customers. It would not be an uncommon situation where a business is falsely claimed or showing incorrect information –misguiding your customers. Take a look at further reasons why you should claim your business below.

Plants your flags. It is so much easier for a customer to find you if there are more areas of the web listing your correct address and contact information. If there is ever a change it also makes it easy for you to change it without frustration.

Respond to customers, publicly and privately. This is probably one of the most important points to take away. By claiming your business, you can respond to all reviews, good or bad. Readers will be able to see your personalized concern with each customer.

Start a buzz. Trying to get on the map? Have some news to share? Share updates to a larger audience through your claimed business pages.

Special deals and offers. Many sites offer the chance to promote a special you are running or a coupon for those who use a certain channel. A great way to reward customers and drive traffic!

Improve your visibility. Get found! If your business is not on page one, then something is off. Claiming your business will increase your search ranks and priority putting you ahead of the competition.

Dive into data. Depending on how your website is setup, you may have limited access to the data surrounding your business. Review sites offer a further insight into who your audience is and what they react to the most.

Build trust. 92% of potential clients looking online at reviews. Readers use online reviews as a way to make their purchase decision. If multiple pages are displaying your information incorrectly, have few reviews, or if you have not responded to reviews, potential customers could look elsewhere.

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