Is the West Coast Really the Best Coast?

Am I the only one that thinks data is fun to lose yourself in? There is just so much to explore! Over the next two blogs we will be exploring various angles of our review data. In this blog, we will discuss the age old question: west coast or east coast?

Now, SureCritic is inclined to stay neutral, but we are based in Seattle so apologies in advance if we sound a little biased to west coast. 😉

To truly determine the best coast in the US of A, we pulled data for the top keywords in all of our reviews. These numbers depict how many times the phrase appeared in reviews not how many reviews it was in. So a review could technically contain every single one of these words.

Here is our findings for the past 12 months:

The first thing we noticed is the west coast said ‘Thanks’ more than the east coast. Which could be interpreted a couple different ways. ‘Great Service’ and ‘Service’ were switched in both charts. It should be noted that this is for all ratings. That being said, does that mean the west coast offers more ‘great service’ than east coast? Or are customers on the east coast more apt to just talk about the service highly but not use their adjectives?

The east coast definitely talks about the staff more. Could it be that the east coast has a better staff? On the contrary, customer service is talked about more often on the west coast then the east coast.

The good news is both coasts are pretty even, but that does not mean it’s a tie!

The readers must decide! Tell us below which coast won!