The Value of ReScore

In our previous blog, Why Your Business Needs Reviews, we discussed the importance of your customer’s feedback and how it can transform and grow your business. Keeping that in mind, once a business receives reviews, how do they handle the negative (possibly unprecedented) feedback?

Concern resolution is one of the most important factors in determining long term customer loyalty. Numerous studies have shown that upset customers whose concern is resolved quickly and to their satisfaction, are more loyal to a business than customers who had no concern at all. In the past, businesses just had to bite the bullet and hope their one reply allowed was enough to sway readers. For the majority of the time, any resolution on a negative experience was completed without the public knowing.

With SureCritic’s ReScore, customers and potential customers reading SureCritic reviews get to see the whole story, from the initial review to a final resolution.

How ReScore Transforms

When businesses receive negative feedback from a customer, it is always in their best interest to talk to the customer and attempt to resolve their concern. If they resolve the customer’s concern and would like to ask the customer to give them a follow up review based on their attempt to resolve their concern, the client just hits the “ReScore” button. Once “ReScore” is selected, we automatically recontact the customer and ask for a new star rating and new comments based on the follow up done to resolve the customer’s concern.

The ReScore star rating and review will be appended directly to the original review along with the business’s comments about the review. The business’s SureCritic Business Review Page will also display a star rating improvement number for both individual ReScores and an average for all ReScores.

Real Life Example

Below is an actual unhappy customer that turned into a satisfied and returning customer. ReScore provides the opportunity for businesses to redeem their services as well as show off their customer-centric business model. Potential customers can show the follow up and concern for current customer satisfaction, proving trust in the business.

Businesses get upset customers. That’s no secret. The mystery is, “What happens next”? How they are handled is the true measuring stick of a business that cares. You put your best foot forward every day; it’s time to let the rest of the world know…With SureCritic’s ReScore, now you can tell the world you care.