Unhappy Customers Are Not A Problem

Businesses need to change their mindsets about unhappy customers.

We’ve all heard it from the boss when a customer complaint comes in, “make this problem go away…” What if we told you, unhappy customers are not a problem to get rid of, they are an opportunity to embrace and can make a measurable difference in your bottom line? Customers who have had a less-than-positive experience can actually be your most loyal customers!

How much of an opportunity is it? SureCritic did a massive study analyzing positive and negative reviews and the negative reviews that went through our concern resolution process called ReScore. What did we find? By resolving a customer concern through ReScore, customer loyalty increases by 64.6% in the first year!! And that’s not all, do you remember that old adage, “unhappy customers who have their concern resolved in a timely manner are more loyal than customers who’ve never had a concern”? Turns out, that’s true too. How true? Customers with a resolved issue are actually 22% more loyal than the customers who never have had any issues!

So the next time the boss grumbles, “make it go away”, we suggest a different approach. Embrace concern resolution and turn unhappy customers in loyal followers.

ReScore Example: