Blog Series: Text the Manager™ Part 3

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Last week we discussed one of the most important parts to a business: concern resolution. We learned how Text the Manager™ assists your current concern resolution efforts to ensure managers have the tools for every step of the customer experience.

This blog will cover how Text the Manager™ specifically works day-to-day. Once a customer sends in a submission, admins are immediately notified on their own device. AI identifies the compliments from the complaints to help you prioritize. Track the progress of messages by a status of open, in-process or closed. Within the app you can make sure the submission is directed to the correct area of your business and you can also see the responses right there in the app. If the customer’s data is already in your system, the appropriate fields will populate. It is also important to know that TCPA regulations do not come into effect here since it is the customer contacting the business.

Text the Manager™ disperses responsibility among your staff members and elevates your staff’s awareness. With another way to contact management, the customer experience is more important than ever! Admins as well as your staff will be able to quickly identify potential upset customers and can address it quickly and discreetly. Numerous studies have been published about millenials and how they are less confrontational than older generations. The future does not want to confront employees each time there is a concern and now you have a way that makes both parties happy! Not to mention, Text the Manager™ is a quick and efficient way to get your thoughts heard!

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