Tips to Make Your Customers Your BFF’s

“Companies realize that their only enduring competitive strength may be their relationships with their customers.”

It’s true. The world has progressed. You can now find another business that provides the same service you do with the same level of customer satisfaction. It’s just the way of the world. Competition is fierce in big cities and small towns. There will always be someone coming in trying to get a piece of the pie.

So what will set your business apart? What will make your customers back time and time again? Well I’m glad you asked!

Tips on How to Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

Listen to your customer. At times it may be difficult to find a topic that you can expand on to start building a relationship. But hey here’s an idea, their reason for visiting your business. Always a great place to start.

Make sure to really hear them! Did they mention they aren’t working this week? Maybe they would have time to finally get those tires balanced. Find an opportunity to provide information on products, events and deals. Get your customers in the know!

Reward their loyalty or even their mood. Have a particularly great conversation with a customer? Give them a coupon or an extra piece of candy. Anything to show your gratitude and there are plenty of studies backing positive reinforcement. 😉 Treat them right and keep them coming back!

Train your staff. This tip can be overlooked! As an owner you know how to get those customers coming back to you. That’s why your business is doing so well! Make sure your staff knows the tricks of the trade as well. Take time to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. It definitely pays off in the long run!

Be responsive. I tell ya, there is nothing better than reaching out to a business and getting a response quickly. Sure businesses are busy, everyone is, but putting forth the effort to show you care about your customers within 24 hours? Well that would get you a loyal customer almost instantaneously.

Go above and beyond. Take that next step by remembering names, preferences, and even personal facts. Make a customer feel comfortable and welcome them home every time they return.

If you need help finding a product to get you these relationships. Well use that keyboard and type in We have your back, yes even if you slip up!

Already a socialite? Tell us how you level up your business tactics below!