The Three R’s of Concern Resolution

The most loyal customers are those who have had their concerns personally addressed.

Concern resolution is a very large part of customer service in any business. Customer’s concerns can be tricky to maneuver whether they’re quickly posted online or in-person. If a customer leaves without their concern addressed, they may leave a less than stellar review online. When deciding how to rectify the concern, keep in mind the Three R’s: Respond, Resolve, and ReScore.


Responding to reviews is the best way to set the tone of your future relationship with the customer. Your response should be submitted as quickly as possible to the customer. The longer you wait, the lower the chances are of the customer returning and the higher the chances are of the customer posting their concern on social media. No time wasted also shows your business’s dedication to their feedback and experience. A company that responds to the reviews infrequently will present a notion of inconsideration toward the customer’s concern.

You can find best practices for responding to reviews here.


Once you have responded to the customer and started a productive dialogue, it is now time to sort out their concern and ultimately strengthen their loyalty. Patience is a virtue in these situations. Listen to the customer and hear what they are saying regardless of who is to “blame”. Most of the time, a quick phone call and maybe a perk can satisfy the customer. The important part is that you are genuine and let the customer know that they have been heard. Once you have resolved the concern, let the customer know that you will be sending a follow-up ReScore and you appreciated the opportunity to discuss the issue and resolve their concern(s).


The third R is something special. You may already use ReScore frequently or this blog may be the first time hearing about it. ReScore can be your saving grace when it comes to reviews. Customers reading SureCritic reviews get to see the whole story, from the initial review to a final resolution. They see the hard work and dedication you put in to the customer experience. ReScore gives you the ability to take a customer’s concern and transform them into a repeat customer. Remember, if a business resolves an issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers returns back to your business.

Happy resolving!

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