You Can See Clearly Now That the Clouds Are Here

Last week we determined which American coast was truly the best coast (cough, West). In this blog, we will go over the frequency of keywords in 1-star and 5-star ratings via word clouds. What words are customers more apt to use in low score and high score reviews? Is it obvious? After this data pull, there were definitely some surprises!

The first thing that was surprising was how even though the review was negative, there were still many positive words used such as, ‘excellent service’, ‘thanks’ and ‘great job’. Although on the other hand, we cannot know the tone of those words. They may have been intended in a snarky tone, but let’s believe otherwise for everyone’s sanity.

It was also interesting that ‘service’, ‘oil change’ and ‘time’ were in the top keywords mentioned. It can be deduced that many people are experiencing issues with their oil changes. Something to keep in mind if oil changes are a service you are offered at your business. Time seems to be a little more obvious in terms of concerns. Everyone is busy and everyone has somewhere to be. Time will always be a factor that sways a person one way or another.

Look over all these words and think about what your business could take away from it. Have you seen complaints about time or appointments? You’re not alone! It is all a learning process and finding out what works best for you and your customers!

Anything surprise you? Let us know below!