Text the Manager™

Be the first to know


Easy for customers to use.

All customers have to do is type in the number and send a text with zero implementation time. No app to download or logins to create.

Preempt social shaming.

Don't let a customer leave your store upset without you knowing about it. Solve customer issues before they post negative comments online. Be the first to know with Text the Manager™.

manager respond-iphone

Real-time concern resolution.

69% of customers attributed their good customer service experience to quick resolution of their problem. Text the Manager™ provides a fast, non-confrontational way to understand customer concerns and solve them quickly. A customer expresses their thoughts as soon as they arise and before it escalates.

Smart processes.

Text the Manager™ disperses responsibility among departments so the right person can handle the request or concern. Natural language processing will identify compliments from complaints upon message alert.

conditional processes

Increase staff awareness.

Text the Manager™ increases employee attentiveness with each customer interaction. With another way to contact management, the customer experience is more important than ever!

Ensure your customers leave happy by resolving issues as they happen.