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SureCritic’s New Employee Profiles

Seattle, WA, October 4th, 2021 - SureCritic Inc., an industry leader in consumer insight solutions, recently launched Employee Profiles. The new profiles feature staff and their reviews in order to build trust, increase customer satisfaction, and boost pay loyalty before a customer steps into their store.

Employee Profiles are individual web pages on SureCritic’s premium business listing for staff such as frontline personnel, service writers, owners, managers, technicians, etc. The profiles feature a photo, position title, a short bio, the business rating, any reviews specific to that employee, as well as a contact form to initiate communication, either with the employee or the business.

“Reviews are a crucial part of any business that wants to remain competitive. But reviews centered solely around the business lack a transparency that is key to the employee and direct customer relationship. SureCritic's new Employee Profiles provides that social proof for both the business and customer facing team members, providing customers with added confidence when selecting a business.” says David Brondstetter, SureCritic’s CEO

SureCritic’s business listings allow customers to see verified reviews from recent customers, allowing for deeper trust in the business, but with the addition of employee profiles, prospective customers can now see more details about the individual staff members they will work with. 

The new profiles allow small business owners to highlight their employees with the reviews they are already receiving, bringing trust and transparency to the auto repair process. Not only can employees see their praise or feedback easier, but the business gains insight into employee performance, plus an increase in website traffic and brand impressions from SEO-friendly name searches.

The profiles are easy to set up, publish or hide a page with one click, and built-in processes make sure nothing is posted without admin approval. This new feature comes included in the subscription.

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About SureCritic, Inc. 

SureCritic, a leading provider of consumer insight, brings you expanded capabilities with deeper diagnostic and ongoing customer tracking abilities that allow you to measure, monitor, and improve customer experience more universally across your brand. The result is the most accurate and transparent online and offline depiction of a customer’s experience with a business. In addition to a transparent and precise review process, SureCritic provides actionable data through its Enterprise Survey Platform, tools to push reviews throughout social media, and the opportunity to measure retailer concern resolution effectiveness through a patented process called ReScore™. For more information on SureCritic, please visit


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