SureCritic, Inc. Awarded New U.S. Patent for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Applying Post Concern Resolution

Seattle, WA, November 17, 2020 - SureCritic, Inc., an industry leader in customer feedback solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,580,010, (“Method, System and Program Product for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Applying Post Concern Resolution”). The newly issued patent covers the design and implementation of concern resolution activities to resolve one or more concerns after a low score review has been posted.

The patent covers technology in SureCritic’s online ratings and reviews platform used to initiate concern resolution for low score reviews and to measure the customer’s satisfaction with the business’s efforts. This patented technology is applicable to customers who have had a less than stellar experience and need extra attention. This patent covers functionality under the trade name; ReScore. Once a low score review is submitted by a customer, businesses can use ReScore to facilitate the concern resolution process. If a customer is satisfied with the business’s effort to rectify their concern, they can provide a follow-up rating and review to append to their original review to describe, in their own words, how the business has earned back their loyalty.

“In today’s world, almost all successful businesses perform well and look similar from a review perspective, says David Brondstetter, SureCritic’s CEO. “The real difference between one business and another is not how well they perform when everything goes perfect, but how well they perform once the customer has told them it didn’t. ReScore provides that additional insight helping consumers further differentiate between one business and another.”

“And businesses are seeing results; not just with an improved online reputation, but with a decrease in the number of days between visits and an increased customer pay for customers who’ve gone through the ReScore process”, says Tim Fiorito, SureCritic’s COO and co-inventor. “Additionally, customers who have a positive ReScore experience will (on average) rate those subsequent visits higher than customers who’ve never had a bad experience.”

Demand for online transparency has grown rapidly as most consumers have turned to reviews to find the best experience; raising both retailer awareness and customer expectations on what customer satisfaction looks like. ReScore provides that additional, missing piece of information; what happens when something goes wrong? ReScore provides a concern resolution score showing how well retailers resolve concerns when they arise, increasing the consumer’s confidence that if something does go wrong, the retailer will make it right.

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