How to Solicit Reviews – Part 2

In part one of this blog series, we discussed soliciting reviews and different opinions on the topic. Though, other companies may not recommend it, soliciting reviews can be an extremely useful tool for your business if done correctly.

How to solicit reviews correctly and generate more reviews

Ask EVERYONE to review, good, bad, ugly – Businesses often shy away from negative reviews when in actuality they can be one of the most powerful tools for your business. Showing a beginning, middle and end to negative reviews creates a concerned story of dedication and resolution.

Share your reviews – Display those stories proudly and enhance your SEO!

Verify the customer – SureCritic verifies every incoming review ensuring that all reviews posted has honest feedback from real customers.

Be timely – Ask your customers to review right away so it’s fresh in their mind.

Nothing to hide – With SureCritic, every single review is posted!

Make it easy – Integrate review badges on your website so customers can easily find your review pages.

Engage with your reviewers – Thank your customers for the review and answer any questions they may have.

Add a link in your email signature  Another easy way for customers to connect to your review page.

Send reminder emails – Everyone is busy, sometimes your customers need a little reminder to let them know they can review your business easily.

Offer incentive for posting on social media – Reviewers sharing their feedback with their social media network aids your business in reaching potential customers.