Survey respondents experience a seamless transition from providing private survey feedback to providing feedback for a public review. Studies show that 72% of SureCritic survey respondents will convert their feedback to a public review, so it is important to keep them engaged! SureCritic’s process allows ratings data from a user’s survey to be carried through to a public review and can be immediately displayed on the retailer's Business Review Page.


Once your customer has completed a review, provide a targeted offer or announcement to keep them engaged. Maybe it’s a proposal to keep them coming back or maybe it's a loyalty discount, your choice! Customize the details to fit your branding and message.



Find all of your private and public data in one place! SureCritic’s dashboard gives you comprehensive numbers across all data. Drill down into private or public filters to find the answer needed or create reports to depict the story you want to tell.

Social Engage

Social media is important. Staying active on your social media is even more important. SureCritic’s review process allows customers to share their positive feedback on Facebook, Google, and/or Twitter while tagging your business. This provides another opportunity to interact with your customers!

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Keep your feedback process seamless to see a higher rate of engagement.