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Over solicitation hurts your reputation

Did you know, sending too many review requests to sites like Google and Facebook can actually hurt your business? Companies promise to help you get reviews on multiple review sites; however, with recent changes by major review sites, those companies can actually hurt your online reputation by over solicitation of reviews.

Why reviews get filtered

Without verification of customer status, 3rd-party review sites rely on sophisticated algorithms, to make a “best guess” about the authenticity of the review. Additionally, many of these review requests are gated (only sent to known happy customers). Large, unnatural volumes of reviews caused by over solicitation and common with gating, often results in further review filtering because they tend to look disingenuous and forced. A sudden influx of reviews can trip a filter and your honest, real feedback might get filtered as well.

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Protect your reputation

At SureCritic, we help you generate reviews on 3rd-party review sites like Google and Facebook, while using automated algorithms to prevent over solicitation. Combined with Review Assurance™, your business and reputation are protected even when the other guys change the rules.

Unfiltered, unlimited...

SureCritic has its own popular review site that is search engine optimized to provide great results. Since we control our site and all the reviews are from verified customers, there is no need to filter verified reviews. You’ll receive your own business review page that will show up in Google when people search for your business, giving you another high-ranking page and displaying your great reputation to all.

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