Reviews, Neutrality, & BBQ Sauce

Need more guidance? We’re here for you! SureCritic will always have your back and never leave you hanging. By now we have learned how to respond to negative and positive reviews. Continuing with SureCritic schooling, here is how to respond to neutral reviews. You know, those reviews where they aren’t through the moon but also aren’t on a rampage? Yeah, those toughies.

How to Respond to Neutral Reviews

Show your gratitude

Always, always thank the reviewer for taking the time to give any feedback at all. There is a small percentage of customers that will find time to leave a review, no less the customers who have a neutral outlook!

Pick out the positives

Touch on any positives the customer may have mentioned or if you are aware of their experience personally. Your response could easily tip the customer in one direction or another. Any personal touch can strengthen their chances of returning to your business.

Work through any negatives

That being said, if there are any negatives mentioned, no matter the magnitude, ask what you can do better. Provide some understanding if applicable and let the customer know you hear them.

Invite them back

A customer may return on their own but the chances of that occurring can increase with a personal invitation. If they highlighted that great BBQ sandwich they ordered, remind them that you will have it waiting for them at their next visit. If they mentioned the sandwich was a little cold, let them know it will not happen again.

Highlight company values

Being able to express what your company is about shows confidence as well as reassure the customer they should know to expect what your company values. If there is any doubt in the reviewer’s mind, letting them know your company values can ease that suspicion.

Be the conductor

The great part about neutral reviews is that you can take the reins on what will happen next. Your response could nudge that customer into a repeat customer or keep them in the neutral region. As long as your response is helpful and genuine, you should have no problems at all!

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