Blog Series: ReviewReach – Part 3

Part three of this ReviewReach blog series taught us how to engage customers straightaway and ensure potential customers would be able to be led straight to your door. Signed, sealed, delivered! For the final blog, keep reading to master the analytical and alert side of our newest release. Numbers and data can back up the ideas you may have, help you make better business decisions, and put your best foot forward.

Access it all from a centralized location

Our current SureCritic dashboard already provides you with a phenomenal amount of data to get lost in. Now you can get that data and more in ReviewReach. From any location, track conversions to each site, manage KPI’s and measure user performance against individual and group goals. No matter what data you need, this app makes it easier to access it from anywhere.

Never miss a thing

No longer is there a worry about missing a customer’s feedback and trying to scramble to meet their needs. Receive real time notifications for any star rating or action taken by your employees. Follow your low scores through the concern resolution process to keep employees on target and provide you with individual and group performance metrics. The customer experience with your business will go through the roof and keep them coming back for more!

Thank you for sticking with us throughout this blog series! To find out more information about ReviewReach or if you’re interested in a demo, click this link.