Announcing ReviewReach!

ReviewReach Has Entered the Building!

SureCritic is happy to announce that ReviewReach is ready for action! Our newest release consolidates all customer satisfaction related activities and processes into the palm of your hand while generating 100s more of verified reviews. This gives users the ability to engage with customers quickly and efficiently.

With ReviewReach you can:

  • Maximize your online efforts by bringing all customer satisfaction related activities and processes under one umbrella
  • Generate 100’s of verified reviews on Google, Facebook, SureCritic, and more
  • Personalize immediate one-to-one dialogue for concern resolution with a 98% open rate
  • Increase your bottom line with more customer traffic
  • Measure user performance against individual and group goals
  • Receive real time notifications for new customer feedback
  • And more!

Watch for our upcoming blog series that will explore the functions of ReviewReach! Contact us to learn more or go online to find out about ReviewReach!

Get a demo here.