Profile Pictures Enhance the Customer Relationship

Under the domination of the digital age, human interaction relies mainly on nonverbal communication. People value photos that show the reality of a person like never before. A large percentage of interactions now lack nonverbal signals such as tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, eye contact, body language and even degrees of physical distance from one another. To understand other’s intent within the interaction, we need these signals. Now people have resorted to relying on pictures and emojis to understand the person’s disposition.

There are a wide variety of profile pictures, but when it comes to the professional world, profile pictures are a must. These pictures are seen by everyone: from your professors, to your customers, from your parents, to your nieces and even the person approving your mortgage. Profile pictures help identify you but also help you express yourself and aid others in developing an impression of you.

When responding to reviews, profile picture enhance the already blooming connection you have with your customers. Since your profile picture is visible, return customers will be able to recognize you and develop your relationship further. It adds a special touch to an already personal interaction.

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Here are a few guidelines on how your profile picture should look:

  • As mentioned above, the picture is in the public domain and will be something everyone will see. So ensure it is a photo you wouldn’t mind anyone seeing, even your grandma.
  • You should be the only one in the photo. No need for kids, family members, friends or pets.
  • Minimize or eliminate all text. Snapchat, we’re looking at you.
  • Make sure the picture is square. Now is not the time to try out the crop-to-shape feature.
  • Have a photo that is recent and looks like you in real life. You’re not 19 anymore, sorry.
  • Make certain you are wearing appropriate professional or business casual attire in the picture. Although, that halloween costume of frankenstein totally brings out your eyes.
  • Don’t use your company’s product or logo as a photo. We want to see you!!
  • Avoid Snapchat filters. We know it’s all the rage right now, but we also know those dog ears aren’t actually fixed to your head, no matter how cute they are.

Bonus: How to add a profile pic in SureCritic

Within SureCritic’s admin dashboard you can add a picture to display for when you respond to reviews. To edit this feature click on this little guy (or gal): 

Then upload your image:

Make sure you check the box “Display image in response” so everyone can see your shining face!

Click update to finish!

Also, if you really want to dive into the science of profile pictures, take a look at this pretty in-depth article: “The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture”.