Pour Some Social on Me

Does your social media pass the 5-senses test? Is it bland, silent, rough, or empty? Have you been trying to mix up new recipes to try? Why don’t you give this blend a go and spice up your social media!

1.Throw personality in it

More so than ever before, people are looking to relate to each other. Many marketing strategies are shifting to a more personable approach than a dry, professional tone. Companies are trying to understand their customers to be more effective and benefit everyone— and you can too! Include some funny meme you saw or interesting article. If you found something funny or interesting, guaranteed a good portion of your followers will too.

2. Be an industry expert

Your knowledge is vast when it comes to your industry. Spread some of the wealth and inform others who may not know as much as you do. Sharing is truly caring! If you’re an expert in making omelet’s, give your best how-to or retweet an article that gives the best tips!

3. Use each platform effectively

No two platforms are made the same. Each platform should have a similar post but tweaked for that audience and tone. Buffer has a great blog detailing what to post on each social media platform. Check it out!

4. Interact with your followers

A great way to connect with your customers outside of the office is via social media! Keep up with your loyal followers and use it as a chance to either promote your business or further develop the relationships with your customers. Or just use it as a chance to say hey!

5. Promote others (such as your customers)

Another way to do everything mentioned above, is to promote others! Show your caring side by promoting a return customer’s quilting business while also ensuring lifetime loyalty. Know a customer’s business is related to your field? Continue to show off your expertise in the industry! Promoting and tagging others also increases your visibility across all platforms and allows you to interact with more people! It is a win-win!!

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