Online Review Myths Debunked

True or False…

Businesses don’t need reviews. FALSE (obviously).
I think by now this is a pretty undeniable fact. Every business benefits from an abundance of online reviews. If you aren’t completely convinced, this blog lays out more arguments.

Positive reviews are all a business needs. FALSE.
Upwards of 80% of readers look at the negative reviews according to the research done by Northwestern University. Customers will see a 5-star review and think it is “too good to be true.”

A high star count is not the only influencing factor. TRUE.
Consumers looking for businesses may see your 4.8 star rating, but the words written will have a much larger influence than just a number. Verifying that your reviews are from real customers can strengthen your online reputation.

There is no need to respond to reviews. FALSE.
Absolutely, absolutely false! Responding to reviews is arguably one of the most important responsibilities when you have online reviews. It creates a personal relationship with your customers as well as show any potential customers you care and are receptive.

Only angry customers write reviews. FALSE.
If this myth were true, then every business would have a star rating of less than three. 67% of customers mention bad experiences as a reason for complaints, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers actually record their opposition.

Negative reviews will tarnish my online reputation. FALSE.
Just like responding to reviews is important, negative reviews can also be useful. Use these negative reviews to your advantage and find a way to turn a displeasing experience into a positive one! The most loyal customers are those who have had their concerns personally addressed.

SEO is a beneficial factor with online reviews. TRUE.
The reasons online reviews are huge with SEO are endless. Studies show that review signals account for 9.8% of the total ranking factors. Your business’ reviews will naturally rank your site for long-tail keywords and basic attributes (such as keywords, titles, and back-links) and internal links will optimize your site for search engines.