You’re No Dingus, Play On the Expert Level

In our fast pace world it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or skim over things to keep up with the latest trend or advice. Everyone wants to be successful, of course. I know I do! So it is important to take a step back, get the bird-eye view and make sure the brand basics are intact. In the midst of things, maybe you put some brand uniformity on the back burner because your information in each corner of the interwebs is too tedious to reel in and fix. Maybe you forgot to update your logo on all your social media accounts, the possibilities are endless!

It is time to bring out that competitive spirit and bring your game to the next level!

Level: Easy

Logo: Make sure people can recognize your business anywhere by your logo. If your logo is connected to you on any website make sure it’s the right one! Logos, colors, and general appearance are updated as years pass. Make sure the image of your business is the right one.

Level: Medium

Contact info: Along with an updated logo, contact information needs updating many times over! Fax machines are pretty much becoming obsolete so maybe it’s time to remove that number, eh? I mean the last time I had my pet’s records faxed to Petco, the groomer didn’t even know where the fax machine was! Anywho, customers need to know how to find you or contact you. If you have outdated information they could move on to someone they can get ahold of.

Level: Hard

Voice: If you really want a challenge, try consistently having the same tone of voice in accordance to your brand. Presenting a united front, with audio and visually will show off your brand’s personality and make your connection to your customers more personal.

Level: Expert

Complete all levels…and keep building!

Tell us what your expert level of brand uniformity is!