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Business Review Pages have been upgraded!


To support our partners, we have upgraded our Business Review Pages. A Business Review Page is a public listing provided by SureCritic for your business that features your ratings, reviews, and business information. 

It’s no secret there have been widespread changes to the behavior of automotive consumers in the last year. Consumers are now seeking more information online rather than person to person; they expect a high level of customer service delivered through a screen. 

We heard directly from business owners how challenging it has been to create strong interactions online that build trust and boost loyalty. To support our businesses, we have upgraded our Business Review Pages to align with customer standards. 

Grey mac on a sample page of an upgraded business review page


  • Enjoy an enhanced look and feel with updated site navigation
  • Customize your cover image to personalize your page and showcase your facility prominently
  • For dealerships or retailers, reviews are split by departments
    • Service Department, Certified Pre-Owned, and Sales Department have individual tabs, making it easier for your customers to find what they need
  • NPS® is calculated from surveys and displayed on your page, color-coded for quick identification of your highly recommended businesses
    • Hover over the NPS® number to see a brief explanation of what Net Promoter Score® and how it is calculated
    • Click here to learn more about NPS®
  • Display up to 6 certifications or affiliation logos
  • A search bar allows customers to find specific keywords in posted reviews
  • Auto-populated suggestions highlight common review themes, like oil change or tires

The additional features aim to deliver information quickly to the customer, effectively maintaining a high level of customer service online to strengthen the employee-customer relationship. 

We hope this upgrade will continue to drive your commitment to providing an unmatched customer experience, allowing your customers to save time and shop with confidence.

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