Start Your Engines! The Road for Non-Verified Reviews

SureCritic is special. Why you ask? SureCritic’s database is 99.99999% verified reviews so the reader always knows that the reviews they are seeing, are from actual customers and not a shop owner trying to make themselves look good. However, we’re here to discuss that .000001% that are non-verified reviews. There can be more non-verified reviews across other platforms so if you have a diverse online presence, this guide can be helpful!

Non-verified reviews can be tricky. Are they fake? Are they real? Is it positive? Is it negative? All questions we must ask ourselves to evaluate how to handle non-verified reviews.

If you know that the reviewer was an actual customer, check out these guides:

How to Respond to Positive ReviewsDon’t forget about the happy customers!

How to Respond to Neutral Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Here’s the highlights:

Take the reins
Your response has the power to sway a customer one way or another. Be helpful, genuine and sincere and you will turn that experience into one they can enjoy again and again!

Express your gratitude
A simple thank you can brighten anyone’s day. In two words you can show your attentiveness and consideration for their satisfaction! We’re all busy people, but we could all find time for the simple things.

Ask them to come back
Everyone likes to feel welcome. Inviting a reviewer back to your business (no matter the mood of the review) can show your confidence and personability.

SEO is your friend
It’s never the wrong time to nudge your SEO in the right direction. Know which keywords you need work on or which you rank for and include them wherever you can in your responses!

Know before the public does
Possibly the most important tip, make sure your response is prompt just in case any situation needs assistance. As an admin it is important to be on top of any review before it hits the public eye and can really get lost or worse.

If you’re pretty sure the non-verified review is in the wrong place or just completely fake take these steps:

Flag/Report review if necessary
Review sites have their own terms of service or FAQs that could give you more information on what your next step should be. Many times you are able to flag the review to have it removed or marked as spam.

To reply or not to reply
Do you reply to non-verified, seemingly fake reviews? If you can get it removed, no. If you can not get it flagged for removal, calmly respond to the review. Let them know you don’t have any record of doing business with them and stick to the facts. A reviewer can always reach out to your business if there is any confusion on their part!

Hungry for more? Don’t get hangry now.. there are tons of more guides here!