The Important Relationship Between Social Media and Reviews

What percentage of your reviews are posted online? What do your social platforms look like? Booming with activity?

In our previous blog, 4 Ways Reviews Can Impact SEO, we discussed how social media is a huge factor when it comes to reviews and SEO.

Businesses need more customer reviews, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. These businesses also don’t have a couple of spare employees sitting around doing nothing, nor a budget to pay some company with a bunch of people sitting around doing nothing to make all this happen. We understand the dilemma. You want something that helps with all of these frustrations and you don’t want to pay any more money.

With SureCritic’s Social Engage, customers are given the opportunity to share their completed review across social media platforms. Customers leaving feedback that is rated four or five stars are presented the opportunity to boast about their loyalty with their followers. The average Facebook user has 338 friends – 338 people that you may not have reached previously.

Aside from the consistent baby and “to die for” burrito pictures, customers are starting to use social media to find businesses via recommendations. This is another tool that rewards customer focused service and businesses. Users may ask for recommendations for a type of service or users are also able to post their recommendation for anyone that may be looking. Posting their positive review of your business on their social media (and tagging your business) has been put in the spotlight more so now than ever before. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity!

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