If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em, Right?

Business owners know the constant struggle of creating a successful business, providing a great service, but having a hard time getting in front of the customer. Heck, here at SureCritic we battle it too. Producing fantastic, helpful content, but it is just not getting the eyes it deserves. (Insert shameless plug to look at our great content here) There are solutions out there to help you get the credit you deserve. Customers leave your business happy and satisfied but don’t necessarily put that in the public domain. The solution is at your fingertips – literally.

That annoying habit your kids have where they can’t put their phone down? You could join them! 90% of text messages are read within three minutes. That means you could get customer’s feedback before they get to their vehicle or leave the parking lot. Text messaging reminders also give customers the ability to leave a review on their own time. Many times emails get lost because of the pure mass of emails a person receives on a daily basis (especially if they are not an unsubscribe ninja). Emails can also get lost because of spam filters. Text messages are a way around all of that. No spam filters, the ability to opt-in/out, texts are present in the “inbox”, and you can’t get some sort of virus on your phone by clicking on a link. Why wouldn’t you use text messaging?!

Already using this in your organization? Tell us about your text messaging experiences below!