Here’s What To Do With Your Social Media

Everyone has some form social media. Your mom, your aunt, your step-brother, your cousin’s uncle’s great-aunt twice removed; everyone. It can be unruly waters for some or it can be filled with baby pictures or the salad you ate today. For businesses, it’s a way to connect with current and potential customers on a personal level. An avenue to learn their likes/dislikes and what they do on a daily basis. Social media can create a fly-on-the-wall scenario for businesses that most are taking advantage of. Are your interactions subpar though? Are there any missed opportunities for your business?

First, some housekeeping items…

Ensure that your social media pages are branded appropriately with your business logo and tagline, imagery, description and tone of voice. Each social media page has its own dimensions for graphics, make sure your pictures are the right sizes for correct viewing. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your social media pages like Fanta’s page below. 

6 Tips for Social Media

Respond to your reviews

78% of consumers feel responsive businesses care more about their customers than those who do not respond at all to online reviews. Responding to reviews on social media should be of utmost importance!

Thank the customer

As mentioned above, showing you care is a game-changer. Thank the customer is the best way to show you are genuinely appreciative. The customer took time out of their day to voice their experience! A simple thank you can be rewarding enough.

Customize the post with specifics

Though responding to all of the reviews is a great start, at times it may seem like an automatic response or robotic. Including details from the customer’s experience shows sincerity and starts building a personal relationship with the reviewer.

Include an eye-catching quote

When sharing reviews on social media, quoting the review directly and providing a link will encourage interaction with your brand and the feedback others have given. Not to mention it boosts your SEO! 

Share ReScores

As learned in the blog, The Value of ReScore, negative reviews can be beneficial to your company image. SureCritic’s ReScore offers a chance for your company to amend a negative experience your customer may have had. ReScore provides a beginning, middle and end storyline to a negative review, showing the lengths your company will go to ensure a happy customer experience.

Manage your social media efficiently

Using platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sendible enables you to manage all of your incoming tweets, mentions and likes in one place. Customized views help you track varied strategies such as keywords or follower mentions.

Best of all, the internet is massive. If you are starting to run out of ideas, look at competitors or other like-minded businesses. Narrow down your target market to find the niche that works for you!

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