Do Businesses Need Reviews?


Businesses are no easy feat to build, run or manage.

There are many moving parts and components to consider. Though one thing is for sure, reviews are a component you cannot go without. Here are the facts:

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 88% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 72% of consumers trust a local business more if they read positive reviews about it.
  • 10% did not take any notice of online reviews.

Reviews hold numerous benefits. Help more people find your business, gain credibility and loyalty and compel customers to buy from you are all advantages to reviews.

Reviews are by nature, consistent and fresh content. Search engines like Google look for recent content to make sure they are displaying results that are current and relevant. Reviews come in frequently and talk about your business. Boom. Legitimate results for Google and customers to find.

As stated above, consumers read reviews and trust the reviews they read. Businesses gain credibility by using other’s feedback. Readers looking for a particular product or service will do their research and know what to expect based off of reviews. When their expectations are upheld, a first time customer becomes a repeat customer.

Reviews will also compel your customers to buy your product or service. Since readers trust reviews as much as their sister, mother, friend or neighbor, they are confident when the reviews talk about a positive experience buying from your company. If hundreds of previous customers are all saying good things, then it must be true!

SureCritic can help you grow your business with reviews. We have our own reviews platform and we can still help you balance your reputation by gathering reviews on other sites too! The best part? SureCritic’s reviews are completely verified. Our customer data is received from a business’s point-of-sale (POS) system so the reviews coming in are from actual customers. There is no need for us to remove reviews for being suspicious.

Our customers also take advantage of ReScore. With SureCritic’s ReScore, customers reading SureCritic reviews, get to see the whole concern resolution story, from the initial review to a final resolution. A customer submits a low score review, the business rectifies the situation, a ReScore is sent and the customer can explain how their previous issue has turned them into a repeat customer! To solidify with numbers, of all the customer’s who have received a ReScore, regardless of whether the customer took action on it or not, 42% return to purchase again.

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