Dive Deeper Into Your Data

Strategizing with Word Clouds

SureCritic’s dashboard tools provide abstract views to your customer data. Aside from the averages of ratings, ReScore, responses, etc., admin users can also view the data metrics through word clouds. This tool can assist you in evaluating what is mentioned the most in all of your reviews, categorized as positive and negative.

With the positive keyword word cloud, you can see what your employees are exceling on and what your customers enjoy most. Conversely, with the negative keyword word cloud, you can see where your services may need help. As you may know, the bigger the word, the more frequent it is used. For example, if you have a word such as “slow” displayed largely in your negative word cloud, this gives you indication that customers may not be satisfied with the timing of your services.

Curious which reviews mention a certain word? Click on the word in the word cloud to see a list of the reviews that mention that keyword.

From that screen, click on the icon to the left, to open the associated reviews.

Click “Show sentiment keywords” to see the particular keywords highlighted

To access your own word cloud, go to the SureCritic Admin dashboard. On the main dashboard tab, scroll down the page until you see your positive and negative keyword word clouds.