Customer Experience (CX) Management

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Let the power and trust of your brand stand out. Our surveys use your corporate logos, fonts, colors, and images to ensure your CX program is an extension of your company, providing a consistent, recognizable user experience.


Our flexible survey platform comes with a diverse selection of question formats making it easy for customers to give feedback and for you to get the details you need. Ad hoc surveys are easy via a widget-based survey builder for those times when you need more details.

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Responsive design

Give your customers a smooth experience regardless of their device. Over 50% of users are completing surveys on a mobile device. Cater to your customers regardless of how they give feedback and instantly see a higher response rate.

Enterprise reporting

Drill down into customer data and responses. Create custom, beautiful reports to present your findings and impress your bosses. Receive reporting up to the very minute for current trends across all your locations guaranteeing the data presented is the most accurate. Use your data to make the best business decisions, set company or individual goals, and measure process improvement.

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Seamless integration

72% of SureCritic survey respondents will convert their feedback to a public review. That means you can get two interactions (private & public) with one transaction and capture unique data for both channels. Ratings data from a user’s survey is carried through to a public review and can be immediately displayed on the retailer's Business Review Page. Show off your reputation online with a business specific review page and even generate reviews for other sites like Google right from your CX survey.

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Branch Logic

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