Do this one thing and your business is set for 2019..

Making a New Year’s resolution and sticking to it can be difficult, not just on a personal level, but with your business too. Oh yes, your business should have a new years resolution too! There is always room for improvement! Online presence? Faster turnaround? Hell, better coffee? There’s usually something.

The important question is, how do you learn and evaluate your areas that need improvement?

The absolute best way is to hear directly from your customers. It is important to implement a channel for your customers to give you feedback.


It is a widespread fact that reviews help your business. There are a plethora of benefits, one of them being receiving honest feedback about your business’s strengths and weaknesses. After looking over the negative and positive keywords that show up the most, you can evaluate what your customers would like to see change and make business decisions with that information.

Text the Manager™

If you would like to take it to the next level and outshine your competition, consider our newest product, Text the Manager™. This in-store tool is the most efficient way to hear from your customers to date and resolve any concern that may come up. All your customers have to do, is send a text to your SureCritic sms number and it will be diverted to the managers. That simple action could save you from any public shaming online, or in-store.

If you haven’t started receiving feedback in any form or if you’re still sitting in the claimed business section, give us a holler. We are happy to give advice or guidance! Claiming your business is a great leap forward and puts your business on the path for success, but just one more small step gets you the customer’s concerns or compliments right away! Contact us for more information here!