Why Your Business Needs Reviews

How do you find a restaurant in an unfamiliar city? What about a trusted mechanic, or a new masseuse?

Asking around your network is one solution, but I am willing to bet, at some point, you will scour the internet to discover the best fit for you. You find yourself researching a business to uncover what others are saying, what they’ve experienced, good or bad. Online reviews have transformed how a consumer interacts with a business.

As a business owner, why do you care? Why would you need consumers to record their experiences with your business? You have returning customers, that should be enough right? Having a thriving business with returning customers is one thing, growing that business and keeping the cash flowing, is another.

Why not turn your return customers into raving fans? Reviews are just about neck and neck with actual referrals.

Online reviews act as testimonials to the spirit of your business. Obtaining feedback will help you gain insight about your customers and business as well as provide an honest evaluation to potential customers; your true growth engine.

Learning Opportunity

Hearing what your actual customers are saying about your business provides you with information that may not otherwise be known. Customers are more likely to give feedback after their experience and may be more comfortable providing those comments from behind a screen.

Take a repair shop technician for example. The business could receive the following reviews online:

All these comments only boost your opportunities. As a business, you become aware of areas of improvement. If enough people talk about the quality of the coffee in your waiting room, easy fix! Provide better coffee. If a customer is reporting they did not get the standard free car wash, reach out to them and offer a few free car washes to make up the difference. Guaranteed that customer will change their mind about your business and turn into a repeat customer! Reviewers love to see action taken to ensure their experiences are suitable.

Repeat Customers Produce New Customers

A repeat customer that posts online about all the positive experiences they have had with your services will reflect on the success of your business. Numerous reviews reporting that your business has been spectacular and they have no complaints about your customer service will only have a positive trend on your ROI.

Happy customers + happy new customers = happy revenue = happy boss.

Customers are likely to trust the feedback knowing there was no incentive and it is a real consumer and not a business that is boasting. Reading the blissful words of others will encourage new customers to try out your business.

A great tip to keep in mind is that there is strength in numbers! If your business has a high rating but only two reviews total, (though they may be positive) your competitor across the street with more reviews may see a larger number of new customers. Two hundred people reporting the success of your services versus two people reporting the successes can have a drastic effect on potential customers.

Asking your customers to review your services is easy and many are happy to oblige. So, ask away and learn your business’ strength and weaknesses!