Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience Part 1

With the recent release of enhancements to SureCritic’s Enterprise CX platform, we will go over how your organization can benefit from a few of the new features! This blog will be focusing on our easy-to-use, configurable dashboard that suits the needs of your organization at every level! 

Retailers often complain that their data sets come with additional data points or fluff that is not relevant to the organization’s goals. To pull a report and prepare for a manager, it can take unnecessary time to organize and sift through. Wouldn’t it be great to assemble all your data and feedback into one convenient location? SureCritic provides admins with the capability to do just that. All your data that you need, all in one place.

SureCritic’s new configurable dashboard will allow you to choose which stats and data (KPIs) you want to look at on your dashboard. See the data you want to see, not what someone else decided that you should see. Retailers can customize their dashboard to fit their organization’s needs. Use your SureCritic generated feedback to create stats-driven dashboard tiles, bring in 3rd party data to create tiles or combine the two and create compelling, multi-factor KPIs. Have all the data that you care about in one place. With SureCritic’s configurable dashboard, you’ll never have to deal with unrelated dashboard data again.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in our series where we will cover how our new flexible survey platform is a continuation of the customer experience! Go ahead and contact us to try SureCritic out today. If you’re already a customer, click on the “Try new dashboard” button in your dashboard to switch to this new and improved experience!