Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience​​​​​​​ Part 3

In our last blog post, we talked about our flexible survey platform and how businesses can customize it to fit their needs and branding. In our final blog of this series, we will be talking about ways to identify areas of advancement with a new interactive tool.

As we mentioned in our previous blogs, it’s difficult to see how your organization is doing at-a-glance when your data is in different locations or when your data sets include information that you don’t need. How can admins measure, compare and rank their company’s improvement when the data is disorganized? Users must have the ability to assemble and rearrange the data they need to utilize both on and off the screen.

With SureCritic’s custom scorecards, you can identify high impact areas of opportunity in your organization in an easy to read format. Retailers have the ability to choose what data to show on the scorecard with the interactive online portal or easily download to pdf. Identify which locations are excelling through conditional formatting and color coding. From there, users can share the custom branded scorecard with managers to help keep track of KPIs and measure improvement where it counts the most.

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