Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience​​​​​​​ Part 2

Welcome to part two of our blog series! Last week we went over our configurable dashboard feature and how custom views can save you time. Today, we will be discussing the importance of retailer customization throughout the entire customer experience.

Much to a retailer’s dismay, survey question options are typically made from preselected drag and drop questions. Admins don’t get to customize these questions, they just have to choose from a selection of predetermined questions to create their survey. Some question options do not get the feedback retailer’s need to gather from their customers. The surveys may be branded to your organization or they’re branded with the survey company’s logo. Don’t you want to be able to customize the questions you ask customers and have the survey be branded for your company? At SureCritic, we believe that you should be able to configure your survey so it fits your organization’s specific needs.

SureCritic’s flexible survey platform allows retailers to customize their own surveys down to the last detail. Retailers get to choose the question types and even have the option to write their own questions. Our platform also allows for your company’s branding to be a continuation of your customer’s experience with the ease of implementation. That’s right, we’ll use your organization’s font, colors, logo, and any images that you want to match your standards. SureCritic’s flexible survey platforms helps merit the customer experience by enforcing the importance of retailer branding.

Stay tuned for part three of our blog series that will dive into our brand new custom scorecards! If you’re already a customer, just click the “Try New Dashboard” button in your account to give it a whirl! If you are not a customer and want to try out our new dashboard, contact us now!