We Don’t Mind Being Average – A Numbers Blog

Here at SureCritic we like facts.

We like numbers to back up our thoughts and theories. The internet is filled with information that can seem damning but may also be plain wrong. It has always been interesting to us to compare stats about reviews with our own data. For instance, we had a discussion about whether low score reviews had more to say than those reviews that were rated higher. Are unhappy people more apt to explain a situation? Or are they more inclined to say something short and sweet like, “STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!”

Though it may seem obvious, we decided to fact check ourselves. So, we did some digging. We researched our customer data and found that feedback rated one and two stars had almost double the word count than feedback rated four and five stars!

We were a little surprised. We had an inkling that the word count would be more, but double?! That was a shocker. Apparently, out of the goodness of some unhappy hearts, customers will explain their negative situation to ward off any potential customers. How nice of them.

Now thank the heavens that SureCritic customers have their handy, dandy ReScore just in case an unfortunate situation occurs.

Have you had a ReScore yet?