Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience​​​​​​​ Part 3

In our last blog post, we talked about our flexible survey platform and how businesses can customize it to fit their needs and branding. In our final blog of this series, we will be talking about ways to identify areas of advancement with a new interactive tool.

As we mentioned in our previous blogs, it’s difficult to see how your organization is doing at-a-glance when your data is in different locations or when your data sets include information that you don’t need. How can admins measure, compare and rank their company’s improvement when the data is disorganized? Users must have the ability to assemble and rearrange the data they need to utilize both on and off the screen.

With SureCritic’s custom scorecards, you can identify high impact areas of opportunity in your organization in an easy to read format. Retailers have the ability to choose what data to show on the scorecard with the interactive online portal or easily download to pdf. Identify which locations are excelling through conditional formatting and color coding. From there, users can share the custom branded scorecard with managers to help keep track of KPIs and measure improvement where it counts the most.

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Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience​​​​​​​ Part 2

Welcome to part two of our blog series! Last week we went over our configurable dashboard feature and how custom views can save you time. Today, we will be discussing the importance of retailer customization throughout the entire customer experience.

Much to a retailer’s dismay, survey question options are typically made from preselected drag and drop questions. Admins don’t get to customize these questions, they just have to choose from a selection of predetermined questions to create their survey. Some question options do not get the feedback retailer’s need to gather from their customers. The surveys may be branded to your organization or they’re branded with the survey company’s logo. Don’t you want to be able to customize the questions you ask customers and have the survey be branded for your company? At SureCritic, we believe that you should be able to configure your survey so it fits your organization’s specific needs.

SureCritic’s flexible survey platform allows retailers to customize their own surveys down to the last detail. Retailers get to choose the question types and even have the option to write their own questions. Our platform also allows for your company’s branding to be a continuation of your customer’s experience with the ease of implementation. That’s right, we’ll use your organization’s font, colors, logo, and any images that you want to match your standards. SureCritic’s flexible survey platforms helps merit the customer experience by enforcing the importance of retailer branding.

Stay tuned for part three of our blog series that will dive into our brand new custom scorecards! If you’re already a customer, just click the “Try New Dashboard” button in your account to give it a whirl! If you are not a customer and want to try out our new dashboard, contact us now!

Blog Series: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience Part 1

With the recent release of enhancements to SureCritic’s Enterprise CX platform, we will go over how your organization can benefit from a few of the new features! This blog will be focusing on our easy-to-use, configurable dashboard that suits the needs of your organization at every level! 

Retailers often complain that their data sets come with additional data points or fluff that is not relevant to the organization’s goals. To pull a report and prepare for a manager, it can take unnecessary time to organize and sift through. Wouldn’t it be great to assemble all your data and feedback into one convenient location? SureCritic provides admins with the capability to do just that. All your data that you need, all in one place.

SureCritic’s new configurable dashboard will allow you to choose which stats and data (KPIs) you want to look at on your dashboard. See the data you want to see, not what someone else decided that you should see. Retailers can customize their dashboard to fit their organization’s needs. Use your SureCritic generated feedback to create stats-driven dashboard tiles, bring in 3rd party data to create tiles or combine the two and create compelling, multi-factor KPIs. Have all the data that you care about in one place. With SureCritic’s configurable dashboard, you’ll never have to deal with unrelated dashboard data again.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in our series where we will cover how our new flexible survey platform is a continuation of the customer experience! Go ahead and contact us to try SureCritic out today. If you’re already a customer, click on the “Try new dashboard” button in your dashboard to switch to this new and improved experience!

Announcing: SureCritic’s Brand New Client Experience

SureCritic is launching an all new client experience, with a major upgrade to our Enterprise CX platform! This launch gives customers a new, configurable dashboard with KPI benchmarking, and more! These features will assist admins in getting fast, actionable information through all phases of the customer lifecycle. New features include:

  • Flexible survey platform
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Custom scorecards for retailers, regions and national
  • Further KPI benchmarking options
  • Bi-Directional data integration
  • Fully Responsive design admin experience
  • And more…

With its sleek, new design, it’s effortless for users to see how their company’s reputation is doing at-a-glance. Enterprise CX offers a customizable dashboard so you can adjust and track the KPIs that are important to your company at the office or on any mobile device.

Keep a look out for our upcoming blog series that will dive into our new features and how they benefit your business!

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What are you doing for Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

You probably have heard the term word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) many times. It gets thrown around every so often. Word-of-mouth marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It is people talking about your company to their friends, family, coworkers, and people online. Recently, online reviews have become important to WOMM. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from their peers– including reviews read online.

Your business needs reviews. Reviews have become a new form of personal recommendations. People read reviews so they know if they want to support a business or not. Having recent reviews is the most helpful for people to get an idea of what to expect from your business. Consumers are more likely to trust a business that has more recent reviews than one that doesn’t have that many. 

97% of consumers research products and businesses before buying from them. They rely on reviews to tell them if it’s worth spending money at your business. The more people you have talking about your business, the more people will be interested in purchasing from you. In order to maintain a positive customer experience and your online reputation, ensure you manage your reviews and show your dedication by responding to any concerns your customers may have. 

To top off having more reviews than your competitors, take it one step further with SureCritic’s verified reviews, so your potential customers know that the reviews you’re reading are trustworthy. It is vital for your WOMM strategy to include verified reviews. Studies have shown that 25% of online reviews are fake, serving as an important reminder that every business must protect themselves and their reputation. 

Help out your word-of-mouth marketing by having verified reviews! Sign up for a demo here!