We Are Always In Your Corner

Customer service is a tricky business. Some people have a natural ability for it. Others have to learn. I think majority of the world falls in the “others” category. When dealing with the general public you never know what you’re going to come across. Some customers are just in a bad mood and want to take it out on a stranger. Some customers just forgot to take their happy pills that morning…or maybe took too many happy pills. Either way, when you step into the office, you have to be ready to handle whatever gets thrown your way.

Reviews can be even trickier because when behind a screen, people can really get cheeky. Also, tone is everything. If you yourself are not in a great mood, a neutral tone could come across as negative. It is all about understanding the customer’s position and finding the tone they’re intending.

When it comes to reviews, most businesses treat them as the last piece of communication from the customer. When in actuality, it can be the start of a blooming conversation and relationship. One of the best stats to remember in this case is by Vendasta, a marketing platform company. “If a business resolves its issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers returns back to your business.” Quickly and efficiently are the keywords here. The customer needs to spoken with regardless of their satisfaction rate as soon as possible. Sure businesses are busy, everyone is, but putting forth the effort to show you care about their experience and are able to show that within the first 24 hours. Well that would get you a loyal customer almost instantaneously.

How do you respond to customers you ask? Oh boy are you in for a treat. There are many platforms that allow you to respond to your customers, but few, (ahem, SureCritic) allow your customers to ReScore your business. Did a customer complain about wait time? Did you explain half of your staff was out sick with the flu and it was a rare occurrence? Now what? Well with ReScore you can ask the customer to reevaluate their thoughts on the matter and actually add another review to their original post to tell the world how you resolved their problem. Yahoo! Your three stars just went back to five.

So really, you should be happy to get a low score review, then you can show the world how sincere you are in resolving an issue! ReScore has your back!